Legal Notices

Legal Notices

Ecologistic Spa offers on the website an online information and sales service.

Before accessing site, it is suggested to read the following warnings.


La Ecologistic Spa uses this site as an information and communication channel to its various stakeholders: interested in knowing Ecologistic Spa.

Our commitment is to provide the most up-to-date, correct and clear information possible. However, involuntary errors are possible and information may sometimes be subject to change. Therefore the Ecologistic Spa assumes no responsibility for any errors or omissions of any kind relating to the material posted on the site or on sites connected to it and consequently does not respond to any damages or prejudices arising from the consultation of the site.

The reading, consultation and use of materials on this site is configured as an expression of acceptance by the visitor of the content of these conditions.


The material published on the site - consisting of information and news on Ecologistic Spa and on products; from press releases, presentations and other publications; photographic reproductions - is owned by Ecologistic Spa. The same applies to the graphic setup, application software, codes and format scripts used to implement the site.

Therefore, everything published on the site can not be modified, copied, reproduced, transferred or downloaded nor used without the written permission of Ecologistic Spa.

It is permitted - without the need for authorization - the copy for personal use only. They are also allowed, upon communication to the Ecologistic Spa - which reserves the right to deny the proposed use - citations by way of news, study, criticism or review, provided they are accompanied by the indication of the source, including the internet address .

The name "Ecologistic Spa" and any trademark including the designation "Ecologistic Spa" can not be used as Internet addresses of other sites, or as part of such addresses , without the prior written consent of Ecologistic Spa.

This authorization is automatically denied in the case of sites containing offensive, pornographic or, in any way, inciting to illegal activities, violence or political opinion.
In any case, the visualization of a page of the site of Ecologistic Spa can not be placed in a frame without prior authorization.

The links in the site refer to sites whose contents are beyond the control of Ecologistic Spa which assumes no responsibility for their content.

La Ecologistic Spa therefore declines any responsibility for damages of any kind arising, in any form, to the User from the vision, use and / or operation of the sites or services reached through links prepared by it.

Internet sites, resources and services reached via links prepared by Ecologistic Spa can in no way be considered sponsored, shared or supported by Ecologistic Spa and therefore the User assumes all responsibility for any purchases made through them.